Welp fellas another great idea has been put down like a perfectly fine puppy for no damn reason :(. Let me summarize this blue post for you.

  • Primal ancients will now give no power increase
  • The difference between full ancients and full primal ancients will MAYBE be ONE GR level difference.
  • Primal ancients are now not exciting to get and will most likely be worthless

I had high hopes for something exciting this coming season. Primal ancients would have been something exciting to look forward to but now all we have to look forward to is 15 forgotten souls………wow so excite, can’t contain, jumping out of seat…….

So if you really take this into perspective we are getting awesome new items that don’t really give you anything over what you would normally have at the end of a season anyways. GG Blizz you killed another great idea and something that would breath life back into this paragon grind.

We did a video earlier this week about how they could have made Primal ancients great.

Head on over to TROUP’S page and take a look at his blog about this topic too.


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